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Murder at the Museum (Lacy Griffiths Mystery Shorts, #1)
When rookie homicide detective Lacy Griffiths decides to celebrate her thirtieth birthday by attending a charity gala at the Southwest Cultural Center, she doesn't know it will be her first case. But when one of the guests turns up with a bullet in his belly, clutching a kachina doll from the museum's collection, she and her partner--who's also her date--trade cocktails for questions to find the killer.


Murder in Stella Mann (Lacy Griffiths Mystery Shorts, #2)

When Lacy Griffiths sets out to solve her first solo case, uncovering the killer is the easy part.


The Christmas Cat

Christmas can be lonely if you’re new in town—unless a lost kitten shows up on your doorstep and makes your wishes come true.


The Fat Farm

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